Tiger Essay in English Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Tiger Essay in English

Tiger Essay in English

Everyone knows how fierce, strong and dangerous animal Tigers are. Even though they are
dangerous, they are one of the most beautiful creatures to walk on Earth. Tigers walk with a
certain elegance. They are not afraid of any other animal. They are the biggest members of the
cat family. No other animal from the cat family is as strong and big as tigers are. Tigers are also
the national animals of India.

Tigers as National Animals of India | What can I write about Tiger ?

Though, there are two big reasons as to why Tigers are declared as the national animal of India.
This was a strategic move from the Indian government. The reason behind this was:

Saving from being killed:

Tigers in recent times have been hunted a lot for their skin. Many hunters kill tigers to trade
their skin in the black market for very big amounts of money. And this culture promoted the
risk of tigers being extinct in India.

The symbolism of Strength:

Another reason the government declared it as the national animal of India is that tigers
symbolize strength, courage, and fierceness, thus reflecting on the world what India is too!
India has been looked upon poorly by the other nations, and so this was a move aimed to show
that India is not the kind of weak country they think it is.

Tiger’s diet and lifestyle

Tigers are considered as carnivorous animals. Their diet consists of any meat they can manage
to find and eat. Tigers cannot survive for very long without eating as do other animals and
mammals, so they need to hunt in constant intervals in order to thrive as the fierce animals
they are seen as. Tigers do not hunt in packs. In their young days itself, they are taught to eat
and hunt. They are left alone to manage to hunt and eat whatever they can find. So any tiger
you find, who is of good age knows really well how to hunt and survive in the Jungle.
Really strong hunting skills Tigers can hunt medium-sized and large-sized animals very easily. Such as wild buffaloes, zebras, crocodiles, snakes, and all of them, alone, as they do not live in pack or groups.

Long & Short Essay on Tiger in English | Tiger Essay 100 Words

Tigers are really strategic hunters. They walk upon their prey very slowly until they think it is safe
enough to attack as to prey may not escape, and then jump up on it with a lot of force and then
bite them from their jaw and strangle them until they are dead. But before they strangle it to
death, they use their paws to disable the eyes of their prey so that they lose their vision and that makes it easier for them to kill them. A tiger can easily leap 10 meters while jumping on
their prey for the attack. So anytime you see a tiger, make sure you are at a considerable
distance away from him. Tigers have a preference of sex when it comes to choosing their prey.

They prefer female sex prey more than the male ones. However, sometimes they have to kill
male animals because of ill health and old age factors.

Basic needs of a Tiger

Tigers are very simple animals though. They can thrive very easily in the jungle if they have their
three needs sorted out. These three needs are; a den, a medium or large sized prey, and a
source of water nearby where their den is located. If these needs are sorted out, they don’t
really roam around in the jungle feeling restless.

Are Tigers really endangered

A threat has been lurking around the corner of tigers being extinct in the near future. The
reason is that tigers are being hunted and captured in large numbers for smuggling in the
international markets for a hefty sum of money. They are either sold or purchased alive or they
are killed for the use of their skin for commercial purposes. This has led to a steep decrease in
the number of tigers in the whole planet, which is a very alarming issue. The government has
prohibited any sort of smuggling that is related to tigers, and if found guilty, it is a punishable

Tiger Essay in 1000 & 500 Words

So government officially started project tiger in 1973 because the issue of tigers being
extinct was very alarming. A number of 23 tiger reserves were opened so that no outsider could
harm these beautiful creatures.

Tiger Essay in English

Royal Bengal Tigers and Siberian Tigers

India is famous for its famous Royal Bengal Tigers. These tigers are considered as the strongest
and fiercest tigers in the whole world, and that is why they are famous all over the world. These
Royal Bengal Tigers are up to 10 feet long and weigh around 400 to 700 lbs and are really
powerful and elegant creatures. The other famous breed of tigers is; the Siberian Tigers, these
tigers are suited to live in cold atmospheres. They are up to 9.2 feet long and weigh almost the
same as the Royal Bengal Tigers. These tigers are not any less fierce than the Royal Bengal

What is a conclusion about tigers?

Tigers are really elegant creatures. Their roots are tied from Asian countries, and though they
are elegant and beautiful, they are as much fierce and dangerous to be around. They don’t
need to hunt in packs. They are strong enough to do it alone. They can run at the speed of
eighty-five Kilometers per hour which makes it impossible for their prey to escape from them.

They are really skilled and brilliant hunters. They strategize their whole kill and implement it
smartly resulting in successful hunts almost every time. Since they are so popular, people use
them as a tool to make a lot of money in international currencies. They are killed or smuggled
alive in exchange for money. This has stressed on the matter of them going extinct, and that is
why tiger reserves have been opened by the government in order to save as many as possible.
Tigers really are creatures that are a sight for sore eyes. And they are the National Animals of
India now.

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