Summer Vacation Essay in English For Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Summer Vacation Essay in English For Students

Summer Vacation Essay in English For Students

Summer vacation is the most exciting period of the year, where there is relief from school
and studies. There is something exciting about the idea of summer vacation, maybe because
it’s a long vacation that you get. No need to get up early in the morning, no studying, hence
a break from the monotonous routine of day to day life. After working hard for the whole
year, we eagerly wait for the Summer vacations.
Visiting Grandparents house
The first thing that comes to my mind when I say Summer vacation is my Grandparents
house. Visiting the village, meeting relatives and cousins. The pampering I get from them.
The lovely dishes that my grandmother makes, the sweets and pickles of different varieties
are something to die for. My grandparents know exactly what I like, so all the wishes are
fulfilled during this time of the year. These things make the summer vacation all the more
special. The bedtime stories these are small things which makes my summer vacation worth
1 and 1/2 months vacation
Since I got one and a half months with me to enjoy my vacations, I had divided an equal
number of days for certain things that I wanted to do. Firstly, I went to my Grandparents
house in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, as without meeting them the vacation will be of no use.
Also, one thing I like about this vacation is that I get to travel by train. Taking a journey of
twenty-six hours, which is indeed a long time but so much fun. Seeing the greenery around
while traveling is in itself amazing. The curiosity and the tickling feeling that you have when
you come to know you are just about to reach the destination is another experience.
After spending about fifteen days there, enjoying and relaxing to the fullest. Going for
morning walks with my grandpa, helping my grandma with the groceries, playing with my
cousins for the whole day. Sleeping on the terrace with a twinkling sky above, these are the
precious moments we get from the vacation. The greenery, scenic beauty and the fresh air
in the village give such a soothing effect. Spending time in the village becomes the most
memorable part of the vacation. My grandmother told me funny incidences about my
mother as a little mischievous and notorious kid. She told me about how she used to play
pranks on her school teachers and neighbors. I never watched tv when I was in the village
but, somehow time passed away. I did not use mobile phones, except for talking to my
parents, neither did I play video games. No technology at all, but still the time spent in the
village was so amazing. 

How did you spend your summer vacation ? Summer Vacation Essay 100, 200 words

It’s the physical activities that I did that made me feel so refreshed. So, one conclusion or a
confession that I would want to make it, use technology only if you require it, don’t make it
a habit. There is life beyond mobile phone, tablets, play stations, and social media.

Long & Short Summer Vacation in English Essay for Family

From my grandparents’ house I headed back to Mumbai, I still had time to enjoy, relax and
chill, but this vacation I wanted to use my time wisely and differently. I took part in many
physical activities, I went for yoga classes in the morning. Let me tell you yoga and
meditation are the best way one can refresh oneself. I used to feel fresh the whole day. For
a few days getting up in the morning seemed difficult but afterward, I started feeling
energetic. Mediation is the cleaning of the mind, body, and soul. it’s a must thing to be
included in the day to day life routine. Practicing meditation brings about a whole new
vibration of positive energy.
Secondly, I enrolled for Zumba classes, which again was so much fun. The workouts, the
dance steps, the energy that Zumba gives you is beyond explanation. My Zumba teacher Mr.
Fernades, was a very cool guy. Use to get so much energy from him. My Zumba teacher
taught me dedication. Dedication towards the things you do. Love the things you do only
then will you be able to perform up to the mark.
I also went for night camping with my friends, another experience worth remembering. It
felt as if I was in the village once again, the stars twinkling at night, bonfire and barbecued
dishes to relish on. The gossips and the giggles. It was me time that I was spending in the
camp. This summer vacation was the most refreshing one. As along with the fun part there
was fitness involved.
Then came the school projects that needed to be concentrated on. A few days remaining
and the school would re-open, but this time I was all excited to tell my friends the wonderful
time I had spent during my vacation. I have this habit of writing, so I had penned down all
the activities I had done. My school project, however, was on fitness so got ample
experience and content for the same.
One thing I have learned Summer vacation is not only for relaxing, being lazy and doing time

Summer Vacation Essay in 1000 & 500 Words

So many useful things can be done during this period of break that we get. There are
so many things to explore; there are plenty of productive ways one can spend the vacation. I
was so satisfied with what all things I did during my vacation. Hoping to explore more
activities in the next vacation. Will make sure to plan the things ahead, so that next time I
do get more time.
Vacations are really a good way to take for the load and the burden from the kids shoulder.
They get time to relax and rebuild themselves. It is so important for us to get me time. Next
time I will remember to carry my DSLR, wherever I go during my summer vacation. Along
with the writing will have the memories captured as well. It would be more fun to share the
experiences with my school friends from my summer vacation.

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