Rainy Season Essay in English for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

Rainy Season Essay in English for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

Rainy Season Essay in English for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

Asian woman wearing a raincoat outdoors. She is happy.

Rainy season is seen as a very blissful season. The temperature gets a little colder than the
summer season, and the weather becomes a little dark. All Indian houses get filled with the
smell of ‘Pakoras’ and mint chutney to go with it. Elders in the house sit together enjoying
chatting over a hot cup of tea. Rainy season is a very magical season in India. It starts around
the mid of June and ends by the August in North India, whereas in South India, a little more rain

Long & Short Essay on Rainy Season for Students 

What happens when Rain arrives ?

Rainy season helps the crops to grow by providing enough water to the soil. Without it, the
crops would die, so whenever it comes, it comes as a blessing for all the farmers who grow the
crop and for all the people that consume it later. Children in India start shifting to football from
cricket as soon as rain arrives. There are puddles of water collected everywhere and mud
around the corner of the streets as the water mixes with the grains of sand. The smell though is
the best thing, water and sand mixing creates an aroma like nothing else.
Every light whether the street lights or the lights inside the house are surrounded by little flying
insects that only come around this time. Then there are constant disconnections of current in
the houses due to faults in the wiring that only arises when there is a heavy rainfall.

Floods are dangerous

Heavy rainfall, sometimes it happens for a prolonged period of time can get very serious. Dams
get overfilled with water and rivers and ponds also run out of space, and it results in the
formation of floods. And when floods come, it becomes a national disaster. There is a shortage
of food as most of it gets destroyed by the water and then there is no current for days until the
water goes away and repairs can be managed to do. Rainfall in a certain limit feels very good,
but when it happens for a long period, it is never the ideal scenario.

Advantages of rain

Whenever rain arrives, people start keeping their vehicles out of the garage or shed so it can
get cleaned just like that. Rain washes the road and streets and provides water to the trees that
are thirsty. It also fills the small ponds and rivers with water so that the animals living nearby
can quench their thirst. The lilies and lotus are favored by this season. And all the aquatic
animals feel a tinge of happiness.

Rainy Season Essay in 1000 & 500 Words

Rainy Season strengthen the bonds

Rainy season strengthens the bonds of a family and in some cases friends too. Due to rain
happening every now and then, people prefer to stay at home, and this encourages them to
talk to each other, spend time cooking tasty hot snacks together which really brings people
closer and strengthen their bonds.

Rainy Season Essay in English (Rainy Season Paragraph)

Friends too who get stuck near the tree or in the school or tuition because of rain gets to spend a lot of time together; this also results in the formation of a very strong friendship. So basically rain brings people together. Starless sky With rainy seasons comes the starless which is a sight for sore eyes. A person can just go and lie down in the rooftop and just watch all the clouds emitting a little bit of light from the moon and rest of the sky is just starless and black. The cool and comforting breeze is continuously blowing which is an added bonus that the sky filled with dense clouds brings.

Drawbacks that rain brings

As the water starts falling, it needs an escape route also, which is the drainage system. And due
to poor drainage facilities in most parts of the country, roads get filled with dirty drain water.
And then there are constant traffic jams which sometimes also result in the occurrence of ugly
accidents as tires tend to become a bit more slippery than usual due to wet roads. Mosquitoes
get to breed easily and in large quantities giving way to many diseases such as malaria and
dengue that comes from the biting of mosquitoes only. Then there are diseases such as cold
and fever, both results in the formation of a cough. And for people that live in small huts
whether in Villages or in small houses in slum areas, their roofs are prone to get blown by the
heavy wind. Also, the trees get uprooted because of the strong and steady winds that come
before the start of the rain. So, sometimes life can be difficult for people who do not have the
capacity or the resources to sustain in the rainy season.


The rainy season overall comes with a lot of perks and a lot of disadvantages too. People get to
come together, and thus it results in stronger bonds. Tasty and hot snacks are made to enjoy
the weather. It is loved by each and every person. Be it the kids, who get to play in rain, be it a
couple, enjoying the romantic weather together, or be it the elders, sipping hot ginger tea
together. No ones get anything against the rainy season until and unless it happens in heavy
amounts, because then, homes get destroyed, people get physically hurt, and some even die
due to floods. Rainy season is the main course in a three meal dinner; without it, a year will feel
incomplete. Without rain, all the crops will fail, and trees will die. Also, the animals that are
thirsty gets to drink water because of the rain, and stray animals get to feel water in their body
cleaning them from top to bottom. The smell in the air just becomes magical. Rainy season is the best season or not, everyone will have different views on that, but it is magical in its own
way; that no one can deny. Rain is the blessing of the gods; it will forever be needed.

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