My Best Friend Essay in English For Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

My Best Friend Essay in English For School & College Students

My Best Friend Essay in English For School & College Students

Almost everyone who has friends classifies them as best friends and normal friends. Let’s talk about best friends here. How crazy are they! And how stubborn they can be at times! Regardless of these things, they do not just want in someone’s life, but they are a necessity. Without a best friend, it is very hard to survive. Because sure you can do a lot of things with your normal friends, but when it comes to some very personal stuff, you can’t trust everyone with it. You only talk about it with your best friend. There is no actual limitation for as to who can be someone’s best friend. A best friend could be a friend from the school or your dog or simply your parents with whom you share almost everything.

Why are they important? LONG & SHORT ESSAY ON My Best Friend

Why are best friends so important that they become a necessity in our lives? There is no one simple answer to this but many. We humans are very selective about sharing stuff with people. Even though if a person is close to us, we don’t share everything with them, that is why we need a person or someone who can listen to us when we want to share something and not judge us for it. And that is where the concept of a best friend comes in. Best friends can be very patient with listening to your problems. They don’t judge you for it, and when you ask them for advice about it, they will provide you with their most honest opinion which they think will benefit you in some way.

Best friends are not only important because they can listen to our problems. They are also important because we need to socialize at a deeper level with people to understand ourselves better. We certainly can’t do that with everyone.

If there were to be a list of why one needs a best friend, then the list would include these points:

My Best Friend Essay in English 100 words, 200 Words

  1. A) A best friend always has your back:

Your best friend will not have malicious intent for you anytime you ask them to be there for you. They will always without any problem, support you in whatever good you are trying to do. Even when you don’t ask them to be there, they will come voluntarily to have your back both in difficult and rewarding situations. Best friends are always there to help you in times of crisis. The best thing is, you don’t have to worry about them being not loyal to you. They will be loyal to you till their last breath.

  1. B) Break-up support system:

Yes, many of us go through several break-ups throughout our lives. These break-ups can be with anyone and not just your romantic partners. And post-break-up, it is hard to live alone. People need someone to be there, who can take care of them in a situation where they feel very lonely. Your best friends help you to keep your routine normal by dragging you to parties and making you do your pending work. Without them, it will just be very hard to survive times like these. People need someone who is closer to them at these difficult times, and who is closer than a best friend? No one, that is why best friends are our go-to people post-break-up.

  1. C) Ultimate wingman:

Yes, best friends are the best wingman’s you will ever get. They will accompany you to the most boring places to the most thrilling ones with the same energy. Whenever you find yourself going to a party, regardless of anyone being there to go with you or not, your best friend will always be ready to go with you so that you guys can have fun together. They will also help you in introducing yourselves to random new people with whom you want to talk.

  1. D) To listen and to talk:

Your best friend will always be there to listen to you and talk to you. Time and place don’t matter till the time you are there. You can call them up at midnight and they will pick your call so that they can listen to whatever it is there you want to say. They are never going to judge what you think or what you did. They will always try to understand you and support you morally and help you feel good about yourselves. You can rely on them to talk to and that is a big chunk of pressure off your shoulders.

  1. E) They know you:

Best friends are the people that know you in and out. Sometimes they know a side of you which no one else knows, even your parents. And that makes them the people that will understand you the most. They know each and everything you have gone through, they know what you like to eat, to sing, to watch and especially, when you like to be left alone and when you need someone to be there for you. Sometimes you don’t even have to tell them how you are feeling; they will deduce it on their own just by looking at your eyes and your silence.

  1. F) You are comfortable with them:

You are the most comfortable with your best friend. You don’t need to act like a grown-up or a mature person, you can be anything you like around them comfortably. And that is one of the best things about having a best friend when they are comfortable around you when you are being your actual self; you understand that they are not going to turn their backs on you. You can do almost anything with them and share anything you like.

All in all, a best friend is a part of your family who just took birth in another home. Apart from that, there is no other difference that separates two best friends. To enjoy this life to the full, one does not need a lot of friends, but only one best friend is enough.


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