Inquiring about the welfare schemes recently launched by the Government

Inquiring about the welfare schemes recently launched by the Government

Inquiring about the welfare schemes recently launched by the Government

Hand is writing calligraphic letter starting with dear using old pen on yellow paper

The Government Officer,
Welfare Department, (name of the place)

Subject: Inquiring about the welfare schemes recently launched by the government

Dear Sir/Mam,

This letter is in concern to get aware about the recent government welfare schemes
launched by the Prime Minister/President in the interest of the citizens. I have been recently
graduated from the college and I am working hard for my admissions in the college for the
master’s program. Being a responsible citizen, I would like to draw my attention towards the
welfare schemes launched by the government so far, that do exist in due course. It would
help my knowledge and can also help me benefit in any way for pursuing my master’s
program in the science college.

In detail, I would like to get awareness about the welfare schemes that includes welfare for
women as well as working students. I would like to go in depth about the entire procedure
of utilizing the welfare scheme, i.e., application process and examination if required. These
welfare schemes are made for the opportunist citizens like me, who can use the schemes for
the betterment of the future. This can help students and working students like me to get
confidence in building our bright future. We being the responsible citizens of the country,
would like to draw our attention to the government welfare schemes that are launched for
the betterment of us, so that we can utilize it in the best of our time.

Some welfare schemes that were launched earlier are into our notice, but we are not
updated about the latest government welfare schemes for students and women. Also, to
help you know, we have been very kind in paying the taxes and government duties being a
loyal citizen of the country, just to make sure we also get an opportunity from the
government to help us with favor by launching various schemes for the development of the
country’s future. This sounds exciting to students like us that our country pays required
attention in various aspects of our lives by launching favorable schemes and plans that help
us with some financial benefit in pursuing our education or generating the pension.

We have been lately trying to get with a few local government officials for getting
knowledge about the recent government schemes and plans, but we could not get a clear
picture of the same. We need to know the entire process in order to apply for the same for
my further education. We being the citizen of the country has always dreamt of a bright
future and I really think, after getting known with the government welfare schemes for
education and women, I will be able to find out a way to my goal.

Thank you for paying attention to my personal request. I would be waiting to hear from you
regarding the latest government welfare schemes launched in our country.
Thanking you,
(city name)
(phone number/email id)

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