Letter to Editor Concern on the Rising Number of Crimes

Letter to Editor Concern on the Rising Number of Crimes

Letter to Editor Concern on the Rising Number of Crimes

The Editor

Subject: Concern on the Rising Number of Crimes in Our Locality

Dear Sir/Madam,

Being born and brought up in this beautiful and safe society it comes to me as a responsibility that I do what I can to help control the rising number of crimes in my society. Ours has always been a peaceful society with hawkers selling their merchandise, children running around in the grounds and neighbors who always stand for each other in times happy and sad. It was a proud place to live in until a couple of years back.

The vicinity seems to have fallen prey to crimes that are growing at an alarming rate.
Though in the beginning it was limited to petty robberies where things lying outside the
homes or veranda went missing but things became grave and soon there were vehicles
parked outside the gates, smartphones, laptops, etc. that went missing. Conditions have
become worse and our locality now witnesses murders of elderly citizens who are robbed of
their belongings in broad daylight, kidnappings of small children playing in the ground, rapes
and other heinous crimes.

You must be aware of these crimes because newspapers including yours have covered
them. The local police are trying their best to keep the locality safe, but the current situation
probably needs more than just FIR’s and reports. They probably need to make frequent
patrols at not only in the night but in the day time also.

As citizens of India, we have a responsibility which is to co-operate with the administration
so they can execute their job in the best possible way. Some forget that they too like us are
a part of the society and should stand united to fight the crimes instead of falling into the
hands of the criminals and being victimized by their acts.

Small acts such as informing about suspicious happenings around them or extending a
helping hand to those whom they witness being the prey of a crime will help cleanse the
society of the felonies that we now face in our society. Most residents of the society dread
going to the police station for the thought that they also might be dragged into the legalities
of the police station and the court.

Media is a powerful tool to carve the minds of those who overlook the happenings in their
society. I request you to help us by publishing an influential article that will help both the
residents and the administrators of our society to understand the significance of living in a
safe society. The residents of our society need to be enlightened on being in safe hands
when approaching the local police while the police department needs to be more friendly
and amicable when they are approached by the locals of the society.

There is no one better than your newspaper that can help convey this message to them.
Request to you take this ahead so the rising number of crimes in my society can be lowered.
Thanking you in anticipation!

Yours Sincerely,


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