Letter to Editor Concern about the poor conditions of roads

Letter to Editor Concern about the Poor Conditions of Roads Public Parks Unhygienic Conditions

Letter to Editor Concern about the Poor Conditions of Roads Public Parks Unhygienic Conditions


The Editor

Subject: Concern about the poor conditions of roads, public parks, unhygienic conditions 

Respected Sir,

I would like to express my concern on the poor conditions of roads, public parks and
unhygienic conditions in my locality through the columns of your esteemed newspaper. I
am really concerned about the poor quality of roads as a result of which many accidents
take place almost every day.

According to a survey, the number of deaths due to road accidents was more than 1.25
million in the year 2013 alone. People with least protection like a cyclist, motorcyclist and
even pedestrians are mostly affected by road accidents in comparison to those who travel in
closed vehicles. This is a huge number and is even more than those who died in world wars.
I am not saying that the reason behind all the accidents is the road alone. There are surely
many other causes for such a high number of road accident but we cannot deny the fact
that roads also play a crucial role in these accidents. This poor condition of the road is
actually a widespread issue not only in my locality or city but in the whole nation.

The conditions become even worse after rains or monsoon. The rains make the roads even
more damaged. This results in water logging and causes a lot of troubles. Not only this but
there also many uncovered manholes which get covered with water after rains. You know
how dangerous these are for small children.

Another big issue is the pathetic condition of Public Park. The park in my locality is dirty and
unhygienic. The gardeners are not taking proper care of the plants which makes the park
look ugly. There are no entrance gate or maintenance staffs in the park and it has become a
den for the anti-social elements. They start assembling with the dusk thus making the park
unfit for women and children. Stray animals also have easy access because of broken

The park is huge in size covering more than three acres of land but it goes neglected by the
concerned authorities. The green area of the park is no more green as it is filled with garbage and dust. The lighting
system is also damaged or out of order; there are no railings or boundaries and the jogging
tracks are broken. Drains are clogged with leaves and garbage resulting in breeding place of
mosquitoes. People want to sit and relax after completing their exercise and jog but they simply can’t because there are mosquitoes everywhere.

You will hardly found children in the park because the playground equipment is no longer
usable. We have complained to the authorities many a time but no one responded.
So I would like to draw the attention of the higher authorities through your renowned
newspaper to this matter of poor conditions of roads, public parks and unhygienic
conditions. I request the concerned authorities to take appropriate steps to improve the
conditions of the roads and parks for the convenience of the residents.
I will be really grateful if you can publish this letter in a column of your newspaper.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully

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