Letter on School Uniform Store

Letter on School Uniform Store

Letter on School Uniform Store

Date 15 th January xxxx
Dear Store In-charge/Owner,

This letter has specially written to have your school uniform store as our official
merchandiser for selling our school’s (name of the school) dress for this year (mention
contract period).

To start with, we have been looking for a professional school uniform merchandiser who
can help our school to get the desired numbers of uniforms in a year before the school
commences for this academic year. It has been really great working with our past
merchandiser, but due to some reasons, we had to call it off and hence, we are looking for a
long term and lasting professional relationship with your brand merchandise.

We have our school logo designed as you know, we need to print it on the school uniform.
The dimensions of the logo and the printing details are enclosed with the document. We
have both male and female students at our school, and hence, our uniform is different for
both of them. With your help, we can figure out the best way to design this academic year’s
school dress design that might go with both the males as well as females. We can also have
a distinct design for both the genders in order to keep it comfortable and good.
We wish to have you in the loop for the amount of stock we currently need and the re-order
of the same stock in the second half of the admission cycle. Kindly help us with a sample
design of the uniform to help us know about your creativity and tailoring attributes.

If we like the designs, we can surely seal a deal for the coming academic years. But for now, it is
must for us to have a sample uniform as soon as possible to decide on the deal made.
In concern to the offer made, we would like to know the rates of each uniform that will cost
to us. Please consider the benefits of the long-term professional relationship and our bulk
order before sending us the quotation. Also, we would like to know the time of delivering
the entire stock of uniforms for both male and female students. I hope when we get the first
sample for a quality check, we will also get the rates and deadline for the same.
Thanking you for taking out so much time and effort to read our letter and the enclosed
logo dimensions and printing copy. In the long run, we see ourselves emerging as the best
school in the city. We hope this budding professional relationship help us reap many
benefits with a win-win situation.

Awaiting your reply and the sample uniform at the earliest.
You can also call us back on (….) for any queries related to the stock, uniform or designs.
Thank you once again,

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