How can you rank on top on Google search ?

rank on top on Google search

rank on top on Google search

The rank of a website is directly connected to the business results it produces for the owners. The ones that make it to the top get more quality traffic since people trust first page results. Similarly, web pages that are present with lower ranks do not get as much exposure. A fact is that most of them go unnoticed. It is never a simple task to acquire a first page rank. If you have a look, only ten to fifteen links are listed and thousands follow them.

  • Google does not compromise the quality of information offered to the readers. Therefore, a website only makes it to the top if it is actually the best. There are no shortcuts involved in this case. With such rigorous competition, following the correct tips and tweaks is important to rank a website highly 

1.Using a good back link maker is a pivotal component

Most website owners are very much aware of the fact that having high quality back links is quite productive. If you are referred from a web page that has thousands of visitors, your online reputation would reach new heights within no time. On the other hand, not having top rated back links slows down the process. Some websites get wiped off the screen after not getting recognition for a long time.

  • It is not easy to find good positive back links even after surveying for a long time. At times, websites do not provide permissions and decline the request straight away. Similarly, you may end up getting in touch with a scam website. In a nutshell, finding back links is nothing less than climbing a mountain or crossing a road with blindfolds. backlink generator by Prepostseo searches for the available linkage options by taking your website URL as an input. If you are using it, it would be possible to determine the standing of each link displayed. This is mostly done by checking the page rank or domain authority. In this way, as a website owner, you are sure about getting connected to credible websites and not fraudulent ones.

2.Elimination of high bounce rates

Do you know that if people are visiting your website but not spending a good span, it is a negative sign related to the performance? For Google, the most important factor is customer satisfaction. If a website has a high bounce rate, it gives the impression that visitors are not happy with what they are viewing. Such links fail to make it to the top. Why do visitors end up on the home page and then make an exit?  There can be various reasons for this and owners / website managers should try to reach the cause. Here are some common ones.

Non Responsive Pages

There can be nothing more frustrating for a person to visit a page and then view a “this page is not responding” error. End users do not bother to know the reason why technical issues are arising. If they figure out that the user experience is not up to the mark, they make an early exit. If one of your key pages has been replaced, people clicking the link would face this issue. Other than that, if a good count of people adopts this approach, the bounce rate rises. To retain a high rank, website owners need to prevent this from happening.

Too much loading time

Someone who is visiting a website would obviously want it to load in the shortest possible span. People simply do not have the patience to wait. There are several factors that extend the page loading span. One of them is inclusion of too many images. These files are heavy so users experience slowness as a result. A good tip is to use images in the correct format so that website performance can be optimized.

3.Lack of fresh keywords to match updated search needs

The rank of a website majorly depends on the natural use of correct keywords in the content. Is this a onetime process? The answer to this question is no. Updated fresh content is a major step towards getting a high SEO rank. The concept is quite simple to understand. If a website is displayed against the maximum searches, its rank climbs at a rapid pace. This strategy also helps in retaining the top slot.

  • Effective keyword planning is important if you want to include the correct phrases in the content. There is a big difference between keyword insertion and stuffing. Inclusion of these important phrases even when they are not required results in problems. In other words, the website faces Google penalties instead of acquiring a first page rank.
  • The content readability also decides the rank a website would own. People prefer information that is interesting and comes with a fresh feel. If you fail to provide catchy written material to the readers, the traffic rate would go down. In other words, the link would be ranked low.


Generating revenue does not depend only on how interactive a website looks. It is a direct impact of the rank it has. People have a simple psychology when they are searching for something online and looking at different websites. Their goal is getting the related information in the shortest while. Hence, they rarely go beyond the first page of results. This is the reason why websites compete with each other to get listed among the top positions. It is only possible to accomplish this goal if the right methodology is adopted.

The presence of good back links as the reputation bar is raised. People start trusting your website as it is connected to an already established name. For new websites in particular, it is quite hard to survive and with strong connections, the journey becomes easier. Top level content is another factor that required focus. Ensure that readable material with the required keywords is provided to readers for getting high SEO ranks.