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Holi Essay for Students
Holi Essay for Students

Celebrated mainly in India, Holi is also called as the festival of colors or the festival of love. It
is also spread out through other parts of Asia and also into the western culture. Even though
it is an ancient Hindu festival, it has now transcended religions and has become a national
The method of celebration and the festivity surrounding the day has now spread across
regions and countries. The day is filled with dance and songs and colors. People make use of
powdered colors which are then splashed and smeared among each other. People also
dowse each other with water, throw eggs at each other, all in good spirit and fun. The day
ends with music and dance and with the exchange of sweets, gifts and traditional dishes
among each other.
The day signifies many events such as the victory of good over evil, the end of winter,
among many other similar beliefs and customs. Overall, it is a festival which brings together
family, friends, close relatives and is meant to repair broken bonds, create a festive
atmosphere of play and laughter.
Celebrated between the end of February and the mid of March, Holi also is known as a
thanksgiving for a good harvest. It is a joyful festival where people get together and
celebrate mainly through games, splashing water and colors and enjoying the day.

How is Holi celebrated ? Long Holi Essay in English (1000 & 500 Words)

The festival of Holi is celebrated for a night and a day and the festivities start with the night
of the full moon which falls in the Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar. Holi is a day many people
look forward to regardless of age, caste or sex. In most cultures, Holi is celebrated by
splashing colors and water on friends, neighbors, strangers, elders, etc. Following the night
of the full moon, the next morning is the celebration of the main festival.
The two days of Holi has different significances and rituals associated with them and are
mentioned as follows:
Day 1: Also known as Chhoti Holi or Holika Dahan
This day has a lot of religious and cultural significance and marks the victory of good over
evil. It follows the story of Holika, sister of the demon king Hiranyakashipu, who was burnt
and killed in a fire when the king was trying to murder his own son. To honor this tradition,
people gather in front of the bonfire and offer prayers and rituals hoping to have their inner
evil cleansed the same way the sister of the demon was killed.

Short Holi Essay in English (1000 & 500 Words)

Day 2: Also known as Holi, Rangwali Holi, Dhuleti, Dhulandi or Phagwah
This day constitutes the main day of celebrations and activities. The people indulge in
smearing each other with colors, water, eggs, etc in a festive spirit. No one is spared in this
activity, and it extends to strangers, travelers, elders, etc. The activity also involves songs
and dance and ends with customary traditional food. People also indulge themselves in
intoxicating drinks like bhang and then finish the day by visiting their friends and relatives
and exchanging gifts and sweets.
Modern-day Holi
Though the traditions and celebrations for Holi have remained more or less the same over
the years, there are some aspects of the festival that have drawn criticism from many
people. As it involves smearing and splashing colors and water among each other, the
demand for cheap colours and powders grew during the holi season. There are many brands
available that produces colours which contain a lot of chemicals giving rise to multiple
health issues when used such as Cancer, Breathing issues, air pollution, skin diseases, etc. In
some cases, water-borne diseases also are easily spread when people make use of
contaminated water. The quality of the colors used also results in air and water pollution
which may have long term impacts and issues.

 Why we celebrate Holi in 10 lines ?

Here are some things you can keep in mind that can help make your festival much safer and
eco-friendly for you:
Use safe and natural colors- Even if it means having to spend a little more, going out
of your way to purchase safe and natural colors can help prevent many issues such
as skin infections, diseases, breathing issues, etc.
Use products that are environmentally safe – In many cases, using colors or other
similar products can pollute the environment and surroundings. However,
substituting them with natural products can help you avoid this.
Consent- Before smashing some stranger’s face with colors, make sure you take their
consent to make sure it is safe for him/her.
The significance and importance of Holi
The festival has a lot of cultural and religious significance which is accepted and followed by
One of the most important such events is the story of the fire that burned Holika, the sister
of the demon king Hiranyakashipu. This is interpreted as the victory of good or evil. The story narrates the incident where the demon king grows arrogant with the boon that he got
from the gods and tried to kill his own son, Prahlad by burning him in the fire. However, this
backfires and ends of burning Holika and killing her.
Other cultures also celebrate Holi as the festival of love. This celebrates the relationship
between Krishna and Radha and also ushers in spring and prosperity at the same time.
Another similar story is the restoration of the God of love Kama. The story narrates the
incident where Parvati tries to bring Lord Shiva out of his meditation by taking help from the
God of Love Kama. When the Kama shoots arrows at Shiva to wake him up, the latter opens
his third eye and burns the Kama to ashes. However, when Kama’s wife Rati performs
meditation for 40 days, Shiva understands and brings back the God of love.
This signifies the return of love to the world and is celebrated as Holi. Whatever the culture
may be, the festival of colors is meant to bring people closer together. It is the time of the
year when broken relationships are mended, debts are forgiven, and disputes are resolved.

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