Enquiry Letter for taking Admission in a Course

Enquiry Letter for taking Admission in a Course

Enquiry Letter for taking Admission in a Course

Date: 16 th January xxxx

Subject : Enquiry Letter for taking Admission in a Course

Dear Sir,

This letter is to request more information on the Master of Business Administration
Program at your prestigious institute in Maharastra, Mumbai. With due respect, I want to
state that I have completed class-XII Examinations, securing 94.5% marks from a recognized
board. I seek inquiries and more information about the MBA course at Pune Institute of
Business Management for I am interested in studying in your renowned institute for the
academic year of 20xx-20xx.

Earning a degree in Master of Business Administration from your institute will help me to
accomplish my future goals and hone my academic career. Applying for an MBA at Pune
Institute of Business Management is certainly a solid and worth-taking step towards the
future career as a businessman who appreciates and very well comprehends science and
technology. An MBA program of your prestigious institute is the finest of instruments to
deepen my understanding and knowledge in areas like business administration that will help
to succeed in my goals. Therefore, this enquiry letter for taking admission in a course is to
know about the admission requirements, the proceedings and the course details.
I request you to let me know about the documents I need to submit, details on the
admission procedures and the total expenses. I am motivated and impressed to see the
performance of students studying at your institute to pursue their career goals. Extending
my enquiry, I would also like to know about the date of admission form, its issuance and the
last date of submission. This is to ensure that I submit the application before the due date
without any delay.

Reasons why I want to pursue MBA at your institute

There are 3 reasons for choosing an MBA program at your prestigious institute. First, the
course highlights primarily on business that helps a student to become a successful
businessperson at the future stage. The course expects that the pursuer has solid
understanding of Science and Technology which I already possess. Second, having a
discussion with one of my friends and fellow students already pursuing an MBA program, I
collected a lot of information and became excited to pursue the management course. Last, I
want to grow as a successful manager, having the potential to combine the art of
management with the Science of Technology. Apart from a safe and healthy learning
environment at Pune Institute of Business Management, I appreciate the institute’s active
pluralism and academic freedom it gives. Given that an Economist bears unique vision of
this world of style, I aspire to refine my thinking and develop it in this style so that I have a
wider scope in education.

Pursuing an MBA course from your institute will give a chance to see through in-depth
practical and theoretical issues that I feel plays a major role in a Master’s Degree Program
and from a future perspective.

I want to start my career as a Business analyst in the next five years and would like to have
the privilege of studying at your institute which gives an opportunity to study in an
international environment.

Thank you for your attention and time. I look forward to your reply
Yours sincerely,

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