Education Essay in English in 250 & 1000 Words

Education Essay in English

Education Essay in English

Introduction Education is a system of learning which makes people sensible, eligible, develops skills, values, and beliefs. Education is a major part of human life, we learn throughout our lives until we take our last breath. The Right to Education has been given to all the citizens in the world, everyone is free to learn and experience new faces and chapters of life. Learning makes you more positive and brings amazing changes in your personality. It is the most powerful weapon which can change the world entirely. What is Knowledge ? Knowledge is a gift, a priceless gift which we give to ourselves, one cannot steal it from another person, it can be shared but the special thing about knowledge is it increases when shared with people. The importance and quality of knowledge are increasing with time and every child must take proper education and claim his/her Right to Education. Not only schooling but one can also gain knowledge by watching television, newspaper reading, and attending seminars, reading books, group discussions and thousands of other informal methods.

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Importance Of Education Education assists us in gaining knowledge and values, it develops our intellectual process of mind, and our knowledge defines our decisions and lifestyle. Education gives freedom to our mind and body to achieve new milestones. Education also gives strength to the country’s economy and power as an individual. 1. Enhances decision making Education assists an individual to examine things in a more intellectual way; the right decision on right time can really change one’s life entirely. Your success in life depends on the steps and decision you take, this decision defines your personality. 2. Develops communication skills and body language An educated individual knows how to represent himself in a more sophisticated and elegant way. Your speaking shows your character, the way you speak portrays your personality. Body language plays a vital role in presenting yourself among the people. 3. Gives strength to the individual and country Education makes the individual independent as well as it supports the economy of the country also because an educated citizen will take part in the development of the nation and will give his/her wise opinion and elect the authorities by analysing their work.

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Modern System of Education The modern system of education is a concept of learning created by the councils and experienced people. It has strategies, course, curriculum, schemes and a decided same pattern for everyone. It is divided into different levels of education which are mentioned below: • Primary Education • Secondary Education • Higher Education • Professional Education 1. Primary Education Primary education is compulsory for the children of age 6 to 14, and most of the countries have it free for the poor children who are not privileged. Primary education is all about the basics of the student; in this, the student learns about the basic day to day life activities and concerns; this helps in the development of senses in children. 2. Secondary Education Secondary education is the most important part of the education system. The students have to select their streams in which they have to create their future, and subjects are divided into some major streams which have many other subjects in them which are related to each other. This level of education is just for the introduction to the practical world of your interest. 3. Higher Education Higher education is referred to a graduation degree, in which again you have to select a field of your interest, this level of education filters your interest and make your goals and career clearer. Graduation degree is the first step to achieve a good career in your field. 4. Professional Education Professional education is the last step of learning from the books after this everything which you will learn will be taught by life, world and situations. Professional education refers to the Master degree or Ph.D. in a particular branch of education tree. After achieving the masters, you are known to be perfect in your field of study. 5. Career Oriented Education Our education identifies our career goals. Career education strategies are started in all levels of schooling, primary, secondary and professional. Today education has become the biggest business industry of the world; people are treating the process of learning as money earning technique, the gurudakshina or the fee given to the master as respect is now only acceptable in the forms of money. Are we really learning something? Are we getting educated or we are just mugging up stuff to show that we are educated and civilized? The Education system today is more theoretical and less practical which only command students to learn what is written in the books. It’s necessary to develop knowledge of decision making, quantitative reasoning and logic. The real knowledge is only learned once and cannot be forgotten throughout life. It makes you feel more motivated and confident, which definitely stands you on a different and unique position among the rests.

Conclusion | Why education is important for children’s ?

Education is the only medium through which we can learn ethics gain knowledge and values. It gives the intellective dimension to our thoughts, hence making our decisions more logistics. Education makes an individual a better citizen and a better person so he can build a better society and a better tomorrow. Learning makes you positive and floods new changes in your life as well as in your personality which makes you a more wonderful person. The significance of knowledge is growing with time and there are still millions of things which we are unaware of, our knowledge will open gates to those new discoveries and inventions which will bring a brighter future for our coming generations. Knowledge is not about quantity it’s about quality. Everyone should claim the Right to Education, and give a flight to their thoughts. It’s necessary to develop knowledge of decision making, quantitative reasoning and logic, these are not skills today these are survival traits which one should develop to run with the fast growing world.

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