Deforestation Essay in English 100, 150, 200, 250 words

Deforestation Essay in English For Student

Deforestation Essay in English For Student

What is deforestation ? How do you write a deforestation paragraph?

Deforestation means cutting down of trees and plants in a very large scale in a forest or a
particular area. Now, cutting down of trees has never been harmful in the past as the trees and
plants that are cut were replaced by the seeds or the roots of other plantations so that the
balance of green life may not be disturbed. But, when there are no replacements planted, then
there is a loss in the balance of green life on the planet, and it is called deforestation.
Why do people cut trees?
People cut trees for different reasons. Some use it as a source of energy for heat by burning the
dry wood in winter, and some use it for creating flames to cook food. It has a lot of different
uses, and while it is true that it is a very important source for survival, it cannot be denied that
the loss of green life by deforestation is very harmful to each and every living being on this
planet, be it, humans, be it animals, it is very harmful. And so there should be steps taken to
keep the balance of trees and plants just like the way it was before cutting it down.
Corrective measures for Deforestation:
Some steps that we collectively as a society can take are:
• Increase the awareness among people by telling them about the different hazards that
can be caused due to deforestation.
• Also, the correct meaning of deforestation should be explained to the people by the
• We should all plant at least one plant every month, or even every year. Something is
always better than nothing.
• Children should be taught in schools early about all the effects of deforestation and how
to avoid them.
• We should minimize the use of wood in places where different alternate sources of
materials could be used.
• Different movements can be started to prevent from trees being cut down in large scale
for commercial purposes which are only done to earn profits and not benefit the society
in any manner.
There are several other things a person can do to avoid deforestation, but it cannot be done
alone. It will always be a group effort that society makes that will bring a change in the
workings of the current system, which is really important because deforestation is very
dangerous and disadvantageous for everyone on this planet.

Long & Short Essay on Deforestation in English

Disadvantages of Deforestation:
There are some really grave disadvantages at play when deforestation happens. Some of them
are mentioned below:
• There are animals that live in these forests under the shed and protection of all the
trees. But when deforestation happens, usually these animals either shift their places or
eventually die.
• All these plants and trees provide fresh oxygen. Due to them being cut, the percentage
ration of oxygen in Earth will reduce, which is bad for every being that inhales oxygen.
• Cutting down of trees causes global warming as the overall temperature of Earth
increases. Global warming further leads to icebergs melting which is a very serious issue
as it can turn into a very big disaster such as flooding the whole world.
• The Ozone layer weakens due to the loss of green life on Earth. This will lead to skin
cancers and other skin problems due to rays of the sun directly hitting the skin of
• There are species of animals that have gone extinct due to the deforestation in different
parts of the world which is again a very serious blow to the Mother Nature.
• Lack of trees and plants will result in fewer rainfalls, less fresh oxygen, lesser medicines
that come from the plants. All this will come up to become a perfect panic situation for
the human beings as without rainfall, there will be a shortage of fresh water in the
planet, and the crops won’t be able to grow, and that will lead to a shortage of food.

Deforestation Essay in 1000 & 500 Words for Students

Forests are the best medium to utilize all the carbon dioxide gas from the environment and also
kill some of the pollutants and thus keep the environment fresh and clean. There are many
different reasons that can be cited as to why deforestation is the demon of the hour. But if no
actions are taken, the future of mankind is in a very grave danger. And also if there were no
plants left in Earth, there will be no different seasons such as winter and spring and rainy, but
only one season, summer, which no one wants. Woods are considered as the primary product
of the forest, and everyone knows how important wood is for survival. And if there will be no
forests in the future due to deforestation, there will not be any wood available to be utilized
which will bring some tough times along with it. As history is the proof, whenever there is a
shortage of anything in the world, countries tend to fight for it and it always leads to war and
loss of resources and lives.
Deforestation must be avoided in any case. There can be no excuses as it is very fatal to the
survival of human beings. There must be ways found and managed to keep the cutting of trees
in a small amount and whenever it is possible and regardless of the location, trees and plants should be planted. Deforestation will lead to the loss of animal lives. There will be an imbalance caused in nature which will lead to national disasters such as global warming, flooding of the earth. There are different more reasons that are so important for Deforestation not to happen.
For the sake of the farmers and crops and famines that will happen due to lack of rain, deforestation should be avoided. Awareness should be increased among the people of all the
groups for what happens when there is a lack of greenery in Earth.

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