Cow Essay in English Class 1, 2, 4 & 5

Cow Essay in English

Cow Essay in English

A cow is a four-legged animal which has two horns, two eyes, one mouth, one nose, four legs, and a tail. A cow is always a ‘she’. There are no male cows; there are bulls which are males. She is a very important animal for human survival because:

Essay on Cow in English | Cow Essay 10, 15 Lines

Provides milk

Cows are the animals which provide milk. Milk has calcium which is very important for the growth of a human body. And children from a very small age start drinking cow milk, and even elders consume milk in different forms such as tea or coffee.

Helps in making dairy products

Without milk, there would be no dairies. And so the milk that comes from cows are used in dairies to earn money and also to make confectionary products such as cake and chocolates. Milk is also used in the production of important everyday eatables such as Ghee, Butter, Lassi, Paneer, and other items that can only be made with milk.

What do they eat?

Cows are considered to be herbivorous. Even though they can eat Indian bread of wheat, they are still herbivorous. For many years, just by eating different plants and grasses, cows have developed and adapted to eating plantations only. They don’t eat any kind of meat.

Nature of Cows

A cow is a very passive animal. It will never attack anyone. But cows are also very protective of their children; if they sense any sort of danger coming towards their children, regardless of whomsoever it may be, they will use their horns to attack. In general, you can go and pet them; they won’t be bothered. You can even take something with you for them to eat such as a Roti and they will be happy.
Indians and Cows
Indians worship cows. It is an animal which is considered as holy according to the Indian
traditions. Cows are banned to be killed in India unlike other countries and use their meat
which is called beef for eating purposes and business purposes. It is the rule of the Supreme
Court to not harm any cows. We Indians get very sentimental when it comes to cows and the
decisions that affect them. Cows are often referred to as ‘Gau Mata’ in India.

Long & Short Cow Essay in English

Cow Dung and its uses

Cows should be respected as they provide a lot of value to human lives. The cow dung is used
as manure. When it gets dry, it becomes an excellent source of energy, and it comes under
renewable sources of energy which is an added bonus. It can be used as a source to provide
heat by putting fire on it, and also as a flame for cooking food. Also, a mixture of mud and cow
dung is used in most of the rural parts of India by applying to into the floors, walls, and rooftop
to form a waterproof layer to insulate the house from loss of heat or entry of it and also it
doesn’t smell unpleasant. Due to the presence of high fiber in cow dung, it is also used to make
papers. The paper is good enough to be used commercially. There are a lot more advantages of
using cow dung.

Other ways cows help in

Cows help in transportation too. They are tied to the carts, and then they pull it taking the cart
forward along with them. This kind of transportation is still used by people living in rural India.
Also, cows eat all the useless grass and the weeds from the grass fields, which is again useful to
the human beings as they now don’t have to go through the hefty procedure of cutting and
removing all the unnecessary grass and weeds which saves a lot of time and energy to do other
productive things.

Helps in Agriculture

Cows help in agriculture in a big way in every part of India where farming is done. Cows help in
fertilizing the soil by working on the fields every day. Their urine also acts as a very effective
pesticide, and their dung has antibacterial qualities which are used to protect walls and homes
in villages.

After death also useful | How cows are useful to us?

Even after they die, their skin and bones are used to make money. Meat is forbidden to be
consumed in India that is why it is left to be used. But the skin is used for manufacturing leather
items, and the carcass of the bones is sold in the markets. It is a very big money market. Though
it is a crime to kill a cow and then use it for money making purposes, but it seems like it is okay
to use an already dead cow to make money. But it is done very discreetly, as there are people
who will get really offended by such activities and also the Supreme Court is against such


It can be concluded that without cows, there will be an economic deficiency and people will
lack the source for dairy and confectionary items which are used on a daily basis. Cows help in
making Biogas, and both its dung and urine is very useful in terms of productivity. Without cows, it would be hard to grow crops in the agriculture sector. And also cows are considered to
be a holy animal in India and are often worshipped while praying to gods. They eat all
unnecessary plantations saving the time of humans to do other productive things at the same
time. Cows are called as ‘Gau Mata’ in India. And so cows are really useful animals, and
therefore they should be respected in every way for all their necessary help with day to day life
of humans. They should not be hurt or mistreated in any way, and if someone does that, they
should be reported to the police right away as it is a punishable offense in India. Cows are really
sweet animals and love the people who provide them with food and shelter. They are grateful
animals who don’t harm anything.

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The Cow Essay in English

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