Corruption Essay in English 100, 200, 250, 500, 1000 Words.

Corruption Essay in English

Corruption Essay in English

Corruption is mainly referred to the wrongdoings of the political leaders or people in important
positions. ‘Wrongdoings’ here specifically mean the practices that are against the laws and
constitution of the country and also immoral in the eyes of a human being. Corruption has been
a problem in India for a very long time. And there have been considerable steps taken to
suffocate these corrupt people in their actions, but it couldn’t be rooted out of the system. Its
present everywhere people are.

What are the causes of Corruption Essay ? Essay on corruption in english for class 11, 12

Corruption arises because of one human emotion, only one, which is ‘Greed’ and also there is
one more emotion that can be said, is a contributing factor for the birth of corruption, it is
‘Jealousy’. At the core, both of these emotions are the driving factors that lead to corruption.
When people act out in greed of money, they make decisions that are wrong in the eyes of the
law to earn money that is not theirs, and they allow corruption to take place. And when people
act out of jealousy, they make decisions that may seem well suited at the moment to earn an
extra few bucks but are never good, and this also leads to corruption.

How can it be avoided ?

There should be transparency in the decisions of the government. Because; without it; there is
a scope for corruption to take place. There are policemen who accept transactions that are
dealt under the table, which is wrong too because it’s the police’s duty in the first place to stop
things that are unlawful in the eyes of the constitution. Then there are people, big
businessman’s, bureaucrats, political leaders sitting in their high-end offices taking immoral
decisions just for the sake of money, again, letting corruption to take place.

Mandatory to survive !

For some people, it is a necessary thing to do in India. Even if they don’t want to, they have to
do corrupt and wrong things in order to survive in this ugly system that is run by fear.

For example, a policeman in a small post will have to follow orders that are coming from his
superiors, regardless of they are right or wrong, or whether he wants to do it or not. Because,
let’s face it, who wants to piss off people in the top level.
Corruption has become a daily practice for Indians, and it’s very easy to pull of corrupt activities
because the only thing that is required is money. Everything that is related to corruption is only
done for one thing, to make lots of money. If a person has bags full of money, he can be as
corrupt as he wants to, and it’s really as easy as sipping tea in India.

It has never brought good things, corruption has only brought injustice to the people that have
nothing to do with it, and brought pain and suffering along with it. The effects of corruption
taking place at a high level of government don’t just stay inside the walls of those offices. It also
affects each and every person that lives in that particular country.

Demonetization to kill black money

Though, Modi government took the issue of corruption very seriously and took a very big step
to reduce the level of corruption that has taken place already and to punish those who have
done it by introducing ‘demonetization’ in India. Demonetization meant that now the old
currency of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 won’t work in India after midnight of the very day they
announced this, and take note, it was announced at 8 pm. So all the money now that people
were hiding, they had to bring it and exchange it for the new currency. If they couldn’t account
for the black money they had, they would have serious troubles, and the government knew

Long & Short Essay on Corruption

So people who had black money could only use it for one thing now, to burn it and enjoy
the cold weather in the month of November. Funny isn’t it? It wasn’t for the people that had to
actually burn all the money they kept stacked in their homes, offices, gardens, lockers or even
in the international banks, because they can’t transfer big amounts back to India now as the
government might notice.
So all the black money got flushed out of the system, and everything could start as new. Though
this didn’t end the corruption from taking place in the future, it sure made people pay who had
done it in the past. This was a very brave move from the government because it made a lot of
people unhappy, and these people were the big business tycoons, government officials itself
and other important members of the society who were deeply rooted with this system of
corrupt practices.


Corruption is an activity far more deep-rooted and complex than what it appears to be on the
surface. And till the time people are driven by greed and jealousy, they will make decisions that
are corrupt and wrong. Best, we can do as a society is to ask questions and for things to be
transparent because then, it will be harder to be corrupt and the level of corruption will fall.
People should not be scared to go against corrupt people; they should be the ones scared and
hiding, not the right ones who have done nothing. They may have power, money, but we all
have one thing that is very powerful, freedom of speech. No one can take that from you.
Indulging in any corrupt activity at any level; be it small or big, gives encouragement to the
future generation to do the same thing. Corruption is the root cause of all the injustice and evils
that are residing in the society. Do not encourage them in any way, they are wrong and should

be reported. If you see corruption taking place, do not hesitate to act against it, you have every
right to report it. Every corrupt action takes humanity one step closer to the end of it.

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