Letter Regarding the Problem of Water Shortage, Polluted & Dirty Water

Letter Regarding the Problem of Water Shortage, Polluted & Dirty Water

Letter Regarding the Problem of Water Shortage, Polluted & Dirty Water

Hand is writing calligraphic letter starting with dear using old pen on yellow paper

The Editor

Subject: Complaint Regarding the Problem of Water Shortage and Supply of Polluted/Dirty Water

Respected Sir/Madam,

This letter is to bring to notice to the water supply department and municipal authority that
supply us water, about the problems that our locality has been facing for the past 15 to 20
Our locality is quite famous and its residents been amongst the few to receive good
amnesties from the government, however, for the past few days the water supply in this
area has become problematic. Our locality now faces the problem of water shortage and
supply of polluted water.
Water supply in our locality was twice a day for an hour, but now this supply has been
restricted to once a day and the time span has been cut down to just 30 minutes. We were
not made aware about this change beforehand and this sudden change has affected our
daily routine. Families are in a difficult situation as the water supply isn’t enough for them to
utilize in their daily chores. From washing clothes to cleaning homes and from coking to
drinking water everything has been limited for us.
Water is precious and all of us in the society understand its value. We have ensured that we
use it carefully and preserve it for its proper utilization, but today we stand in a position
where water itself is scarce and we are unable to cope with completing our routine tasks
related to water. Most of us have to buy water or fetch water from other localities to fulfill
our needs. Buying water isn’t quite feasible for most of us.
Besides getting a limited supply of water, we have also noticed that the water is muddy and
cannot be used directly without having it filtered in some way. This has exposed to us the
dangers of contracting diseases that happen because of drinking contaminated water. We
are afraid of drinking this water, but most of us don’t have the choice of buying clean water
or have the luxury of purchasing a water filter to get access to clean water. There are
several instances which have been in our locality where children and adults have fallen sick
from drinking this water.
We have already informed the concerned authorities about this situation but are still
awaiting action from them. We request the concerned department to look into this matter
quickly so this problem can be solved. Water is after all the driving force of nature and clean water is a necessity for us to survive in a healthy way.

Your newspaper has an esteemed reputation and I am sure the authorities would pay heed
when matters such as this are conveyed through your newspaper column. I look forward to
publishing an article on this so the problem can be resolved at the earliest. Our entire
society will be grateful to you and the water supply department if they resolve our
grievances soon.
Thanking You in Anticipation!

Yours Sincerely,


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