Complaint Letter Regarding Defective Mobile Handset

Complaint Letter Regarding Defective Mobile Handset

Complaint Letter Regarding Defective Mobile Handset

Date: 15 th January 2019
Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject : Letter to complain about a Defective mobile Handset/ Phone

This is (XYZ) writing from the city of (XYZ) to bring you to notice about the defective mobile
handset that I received from your store. I got to know about your mobile shop from my
friends a week ago and hence, I decided to buy my mobile phone from your store. After
making a thorough research, I finally decided to buy the handset I really liked. I visited your
store and I placed an order for that particular mobile handset and paid for the entire
amount. I have attached a copy of the mobile phone bill for your reference.

I did not open the mobile phone box for two days from the date of purchase because I was
on a holiday. After coming back from my weekend vacation, I thought to use the new
mobile phone. When I charged for one hour, I tried to start the phone, but I am unable to do
so. I am clueless that why the phone is not getting on. I tried searching for various reasons
online but I failed to find out the exact reason and I think the mobile handset that you sold
me is a defective one.

I have not operated the phone since I have bought. Also, I have not done any DIY tricks to
operate it or turn it on. I have just left the phone as it is to report to you and the authorized
phone brand. Kindly take this into consideration and help me know the exact issue with the
mobile phone. Also, it would be great if you can help me with the replacement of the phone
with a new one because I am in an urgent need of a mobile phone. All my accounting tasks
are done with the help of a mobile app and hence, without a mobile phone- I am unable to
do my work appropriately.

Regarding your mobile store employees: I have been trying to call your phone
representatives to help me out to talk to the concerned person, but they have been very
irresponsible towards my registered complain. Please bring this to your notice as an
emergency to help me solve the issue of replacing my purchased defective mobile phone
with a working new phone. With my bill attached, you will be easily able to confirm the
purchase details along with my name, address and contact number.

I hope being your regular and loyal customer, I am able to get the faulty device replaced
with a new one. Please do not let my investment down with any negotiable deal as it is
completely the technical fault detected with the phone. Also, I would like to have the same
phone model as the replacement one with the same color.

Thanking you for taking out your precious time to read about my grievance. That means a
lot to me. Hoping to hear from you at the earliest.
Thanking you once again,
(Contact Number)
Sign (……………………….)

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